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The letter C is phonetically similar to the letter K and can be seen as being analogous to it. Often, the two letters are interchangable such as in "Krusty the Klown" from The Simpsons. Because of this relationship, CC is often immidiately linked to the popular synchromystic symbol of KK or 2K and K2.

The letter C can also be used as the number 3 such as in the Scottish Rite Masonic 33rd Degree which in this case is equal to CC and all the implications that CC (KK) carries with it. Because of it's relationship to the number three, the letter C can be linked to the WE3 Spinner as well.

Colorado State Flag

Spoken aloud, C sounds like "see" and "sea," as well as "si" which is Spanish for "yes." Here may be found a connection to the Red Sea of the Exodus. This can be symbolized by the Red-C of the Colorado State flag. In the flag, the sun (as god) parts the Red Sea, or Red-C, which combined with blue lines on either side represents the walls of water. The C lies in the middle of two lines, or pillars if the image is rotated 90 degrees. For a further extrapolation on this idea, see Middle C.

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