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The symbol "KK" (or 2K) can be found in many synchromystic investigations and ultimately connects to the mountain K2 and the idea that it is connected to the Great Pyramid as a representation of K2.

Robin Tunney near Y2K poster in End of Days

KK can equal 11:11 using letter-number values for the English alphabet (among others). The letter K is also used to represent the value of 1,000. This can be seen in kilobyte, kilometer, and so on. So, KK equals 2,000. This became popular during the apocalyptic Y2K fervor surrounding the year 2000 and the new millenium. KK connects to MM as well, as the letter M equals 1,000 in Roman numerals. (C equals 100)

The letters KK are interchangeable with CC because of the phonetic similarities.

KK is the total right of civilians to defend themselves from brain damage. The evil of brain damage is such an extreme evil that the right of civilians becomes not just a Constitutional Right, but also a Total Right.