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Great Pyramid in Egypt

A pyramid is a large triangular structure which can be found all over the globe. The tallest pyramid on earth is the Great Pyramid in Giza, Egypt. The largest by volume is the Great Pyramid of Cholula, Mexico. Pyramids can be smooth faced, or have steps, like those found in Mexico and Central America, as well as Ziggurats found in Mesopotamia.

Pyramids have been viewed as a symbolic stairway to heaven, such as the ancient unfinished ziggurat in Sumeria known as the Tower of Babel. However, the Egyptian city of Cairo, across the Nile from Giza, was originally called Babylon. There may have been a pyramid or tower here which influenced the biblical story of an unfinished tower in Babylon Egypt instead of the Babylon of Mesopotamia.

There's a link between the pyramids and the mountain K2. In the book K2, The Quest of The Gods by author Ralph Ellis, K2 has been theorized to be the place where the legendary Hall Of Records are hidden. Ralph Ellis used sacred geometry to find a hidden code in the pyramids of Giza. He claims that the pyramids contains coordinates that points to K2. The mountain itself has a pyramidal structure.

Great Pyramid of Egypt

Great Pyramid with concave sides

The Great Pyramid of Egypt has been found to have slightly concave sides which, given the right time of day, clearly show that the pyramid has a slightly octagonal shape. This has caused the pyramid, and related pillarmids, to be linked to the theme of the octagonal stargate. The website Octagon-Maat makes the claim that the layout of the pyramid complex in Egypt was designed around octagons.

Pyramid Power

Kirlian photograph of pyramid with tesla coil

Some people believe that the shape of the Great Pyramid of Egypt creates a type of energy vortex called "pyramid power." Tony Bushby in The Secret in the Bible claims that the capstone for the Great Pyramid was a pyramid shaped crystal which created a spiral of rainbow of light inside of it when light entered it through it's peak. This ben-ben or pyramidion stone also created a vortex of energy which can be felt today over the peak of the now capstone-less pyramid. Evidence of this is a helecopter which crashed after flying over the top of the pyramid while taking photographs.

Pyra/Pyre-Mid may refer to a "fire in the middle," or secret fire, possibly located in the King's Chamber which is located in the center of the Great Pyramid. The secret fire is the transformative agent in Alchemy.

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