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Robin Tunney from The Craft

Actress Robin Tunney is often highlighted in synchromystic research due to her connection to several prominent themes such as: her name, Robin, hearts, 2K, and The World Trade Center.

Robin Tunney in Synchromystic Videos Edit

A summary of "A Tribute To Robin Tunney 3" by Jake Kotze, summary by Trentcastle:

Our Isis/Mary resonator arrives in an uncheckered Octagonal stargate Taxi-cab in the Craft where she stands on a reverberating water gate on the pentacle in the Magick store, climbs the Crowley/stargate resonant K-2 mountain range beside the Mummy in Vertical Limit and Robin. (Chris O' Donnel) In End of Days her name appears in the opening credits in front of the WTC towers and Arnold getting dressed.

Mary / Isis / Diana / Wonder Woman / Statue of Liberty[1]

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