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Films like Stargate and 2001: A Space Odyssey have brought the symbol of the stargate to the forefront of synchromysticism, as it is a potent symbol of consciousness and evolution. The film and several spin-off television series of Stargate depict the stargates as having Alien-Egyptian roots, and in the movie in particular, the alien-god Ra is responsible for manipulating early humans into a slave race which toils for him on several planets.

In the television series, the character of the transdimensional "grey alien" is named Asgard (from Norse mythology: the name of one of the Nine Worlds of the gods), hinting at the link between various realms of existence. One spin-off series of the movie is called Stargate: Atlantis, which brings to mind the idea of an ancient network of natural vortex sites and ley lines, connecting distant lands through their similar architecture of the pyramid, or other holy sites located on these energy lines. The military insignia of the television series is extremely reminiscent of the compass from the Masonic compass & square symbol.

Stargates are synonymous with time travel and wormhole physics. Astronomically they can be black holes, and in fiction they can be seen in such themes as the rabbit hole from Alice in Wonderland.

Stargates In Conspiracy Culture[]

According to the research of Project Camelot and others, there are about fifty functioning stargates on the earth used by the Illuminati and others to travel to secret bases on Mars and the moon. A similar mode of travel can be seen in the underground alien base of the movie They Live. Another source of stargate lore is the Montauk and MK-Ultra experiments which used technology to enhance psychic phenomena to create wormholes between two destinations. The brainwave patterns were recorded from the Montauk Chair and played back whenever somone wanted to open the wormhole again.

Stargate As A Metaphor[]

The stargate can be a metaphor for shifting consciousness or vibrational wavelength, and moving up or down the chakra energy vortecies of the human body. It can also signal evolution taking place, either physical or mental, or both as is the case in the movie 2001: A Space Odyssey.

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