Newton's inferior cnojunctions of Venus

The Cinquefoil (a 5 petaled rose found in Christian symbolism of the Middle Ages) has been connected to the womb of Mary and the goddess of Love. It was called the "Rose of Venus" with its characteristic 5 petaled shape mimicking the pentagrammatic path traced by the planet Venus in the night sky. Venus forms a pentagram every 8 years and returns to it's original point every 40 years with a 40 day regression.

Some scholars postulate that the Venus cycle is why "40 years" and "40 days" are a recurring Bible theme, e.g. David killed Goliath on the 40th day of the Philistine warrior challenging the ancient Israelites. King David ruled for 40 years. In Simple(6,74) English(7,74) Gematria(8,74), Magen=40=M13+A1+G7+E5+ N14, David=40=D4+A1+V22+I9+D4. The #40 is sacred to Jews, Christians, and Muslims. Buddha=40=B2+U21+D4+D4+H8+A1.

The #40 first appears in Scripture in Genasis74 7:4, "For in 7 days, it will rain for 40 days and 40 nights." Here, GOD=7_4 Theory and the #40 code converge(74=C3+O+N14+V22+E5+R18+G7+E5). See .