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The "WE3-Spinner" is the similar symbols of the letter M, W and E and the number 3, taken together as a single symbol spun into one of four directions, which gives each symbol a resonance with the other ones, and a sense of interchangeability. Each symbol-shape has a long history of esoteric and exoteric importance. The number 3 is one of the most esoterically charged numbers, usually representing a trinity of gods, as well as 3 days or degrees of initiation. The similarly shaped letter M has represented the mother goddess, the Virgin Mary, as well as other goddessess whose names begin with M, all related to mater (mother and matter, the matrix of reality). Spinning the "m" in mater produces water, the element most closely related to the female/goddess aspect, and here representing part of the interplay between the WE3M spinner shapes. The W, or "double-u," can be seen as multiple letter u's or v's, and as such is symbolic of the wavy lines of the watery glyph for Aquarius which consists of two zig-zag lines. The symbol of the W can also be seen in the Trident and Devil's Pitchfork. The letter E has long been symbolic since it's enigmatic use at the temple of the Oracle at Delphi. Words such as ME and WE are often highlighted as WE3-Spinners and as pointers to the connection between all things, in this case "me," or myself, and "we," the group consciousness.

Cassiopeia and Isis as WE3-Spinner

The shape of the WE3M Spinner can be seen in heavens in the constellation of Cassiopeia. The constellation takes on the WE3M shape as it rotates around the Pole Star, and it is also used as a pointer to find the North or Pole Star. "Cassiopeia has also been known as the Celestial W and Celestial M." A "story says that for her bragging, Cassiopeia was chained to her throne and placed in the sky to circle the North Star. At times she is hanging upside down in a most undignified position as a warning to all. The Romans called her the Woman of the Chair. To the Arabs, she was the Lady in the Chair."[1] As a Lady of The Chair, we can see a symbolic connection between this queen and the archytypal Virgin-Widow-Mother Goddess that is Isis. Isis is symbolic of the throne of the king, and wears the heiroglyph on her head, a sign of the empty throne occupied by her dead husband-brother Osiris. This theme can be found in the movie Juno, where the goddess-named protagonist describes the story as opening and closing on an empty open chair. Additionally, the adoptive widow-mother of Juno's baby takes on the Virgin-Mother pose in the final scenes of the movie.

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